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Are you pleased with how this gen turned out?

This is a discussion on Are you pleased with how this gen turned out? within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Originally Posted by Ace-murderer234 I agree "JRPG"s were a real let down this gen with only a few good titles. ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace-murderer234 View Post
    I agree "JRPG"s were a real let down this gen with only a few good titles. Although western rpg's have really stepped up there game with amazing titles like skyrim, Dragon dogma,fallout,borderlands and mass effect. I was also pleased with the sandbox games, they rocked this gen

    Some of the western RPGs are good just not great, I can easily forget about them. The only one that holds a place to me is Borderlands which is wierd because I enjoy a awesome storyline and it lacked it. I do like some of the sandbox titles that have come out and I agree they are great this gen.

    There were more of every genre on the last gen , more devs equals more games , now its massive corporations ( who only care about shareholders not gamers ) which equals , less games and most of them following the same winning recipe , which leaves us with COD style games in everything we now play

    More like supply and demend. There are still plenty of dev but publishers only care about cash flow and not the quality of the game itself. So they are rushed of cancelled. Now its all about online gaming to please little kids out there while we get left in the dust.

    On a side note, when I talk about RPGs, I mean like the good old days. FF, Shadow Hearts, Dragon Quest, etc

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    For myself, I'm very happy on how the gaming world is turning out. I'm not really into the whole "Everyone has it so I gotta get it". If a game is fun to me than that's all I care about. 2yrs ago when the FPS was taking over I was not impressed but it seems there is enough profit for any type of game to come out. There is just a vast amount of great games and I really liked the uncharted series. It seems that my wishlist of games is expanding so much with the ps3. The ps2 was a total drag for me though. Hated that gen.

    I'll be honest though. I am still a bit annoyed that the simulation games are gone though. I did love the build a skatepark, build a jurassic park theme park, and the other 100's that where out there. Those are getting scarce and the MMORPG's are a bit rare too.

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