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We should wait for Final Fantasy XII remake on PS3 (or PS4)?

This is a discussion on We should wait for Final Fantasy XII remake on PS3 (or PS4)? within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Actually, Square Enix should focus on two games ONLY at this time. 1) Kingdom Hearts 3 2) A FFVII sequel ...

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    Actually, Square Enix should focus on two games ONLY at this time.
    1) Kingdom Hearts 3
    2) A FFVII sequel (for those who don't know what I'm talking about *if there are any* check Dirge of Cerberus secret ending).
    Also, FFXII was a great game but I doubt we'll see a remake anytime soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faust View Post
    Challenge: Accepted.

    "Gambits are instructions you give to party members, putting them on auto-pilot. Each gambit has a trigger, eg. if a party member's health is <50%, they will be healed."

    30 words, never exceeding 3 syllables.
    Kinda late, but I hated putting them on "auto-pilot"...the game was good, and like Nag, I still have my collectors edition as well, but I did not care all too much for the auto system. Much rather like to manually battle, but that's just me. I'd probably pick it up if it goes HD, but not as fast as I'm going to with X/X-2

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    I really enjoyed FFXII and would probably get it if they released an HD version. I don't really remember the story but I really enjoyed the battle system. I've played just about all the FF games that were released or re-released for the PSOne, 2, and 3 and XII is still one of the ones I enjoyed the most.

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    I'd freakin love to see FFXII on ps3 if it does come out (and I read somewhere it will come) I'm getting the disc ver. !
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    Oooo Oooo OOOOOOOOOOO I would fucking love this!
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    I think I wont buy it again I've still got my PS2 and my PS2 copy of the game maybe if they did a bundle which came with X X-2 and XII I might but I'm content with what I have. I really did love XII, for me its on par with X which were my two favourite games in the series. Maybe it could be the nostalgia doing funny things with my head but my god I played those games when I was younger and enjoyed them something fierce.

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