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This is a discussion on Backlogs within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Wow you guys all have huge backlogs but i think maxthunder takes the cake!...

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    Wow you guys all have huge backlogs but i think maxthunder takes the cake!

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    Blackloged games not on system

    Dead Rising 2
    Dead Rising 2 off the record
    Assassins Creed brotherhood
    Assassins creed revelations
    Red Dead redemption
    Call of Duty Black ops 2
    Ni no Kuni
    Dragon Age 2
    Star Ocean: TLHI
    and I just got Dead Island Riptide yesterday

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    If I remember correctly, MAXTHUNDER once said he also collected NES games or something and sold the collection for like $23000. So yeah, he's a collector and I don't begrudge him his collection. He probably shouldn't refer to it as a backlog though because I imagine he would like to keep as many of them in the shrink wrap as possible.

    That said, if anyone wants to reduce their backlog, send the games my way . I don't have any PS3 games in my backlog. All that are plattable (based on equip/servers) have been platted except for Gran Turismo 5.

    The only games I have that I haven't played yet are PS1 titles, FF6 and FF8. I bought each for $5 when they were on sale. I will get to them after I finish my regular playthrough and Excalibur II Perfect Game on FF9, which will occupy me a while.
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    For the first time I actually counted my backlog (which I consider as ones I havent started) and im a bit ashamed to post the number on here... In my defence I am building a game collection thus rarely ever trade anything in and im very selective on what I purchase. I have to put it down to not being able to resist a good bargin and seriously underestimating the time I have to play.

    Well on the plus side, Ill never have the problem of having nothing to play

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