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Rumor: EA Partners Breaking Up

This is a discussion on Rumor: EA Partners Breaking Up within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; EA Partners Rumoured To Be Breaking Up | Rock, Paper, Shotgun EA Partners is to close down, it seems. Which ...

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    Rumor: EA Partners Breaking Up

    EA Partners Rumoured To Be Breaking Up | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

    EA Partners is to close down, it seems. Which seems fairly huge news if it proves to be accurate. The publisher, a portion of EA that was designed to publish games with a more hands-off approach than the mothercorp from developers not owned by themselves, is reported by some American magazine to be done.

    This was the label that brought us Crysis, The Secret World, and Valve’s games in boxes, and also the rather calamitous failure of Kingdoms Of Amalur, despite the game being really brilliant. That, and other recent issues with disappointing performances, alongside EA’s own recent poor performance, seem to have put that all-too familiar writing on the wall for the publisher.

    However, the two games currently in development to be released on the label – Fuse from Insomniac and an unrevealed FPS from Respawn Entertainment – should still get a release. Clearly this is all still at the “rumours” stage, with the information getting to some magazine or other via a number of unrevealed sources. It seems likely more will be learned at the always-interesting-if-you-don’t-actually-listen-to-it EA financial call on the 7th May.

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    And this is how giants fall, EA is removing the muscle and embracing his fate making fps and sequels, it's sad, so far EA is running low of franchises, and it's reputation is among the worst this days. I hope those devs will get a job soon and those who still works for EA, my bless for those damned.
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    Can't say I didn't see this coming. EA must have such high expectations as a publisher (just like Square-Enix) but its own games are usually mediocre.
    As a side note, I loved Kingdoms of Amalur.

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    Well considering how EA has done business the last few years, did anyone really expect this not to happen?

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