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EA doing away with online pass

This is a discussion on EA doing away with online pass within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Originally Posted by Faust Considering Online Passes only pertain to online features, I have no problem with them. By buying ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faust View Post
    Considering Online Passes only pertain to online features, I have no problem with them.
    By buying a game pre-owned, or even renting it, you deny the developer and publisher a sale. If that game has online features, then that developer or publisher is paying to provide that online service - they pay to run servers, to patch the game, and to troubleshoot. If you haven't given them a cent, why do you have the right to use their service?

    Now, EA is going to look to recover their money in other ways: microtransactions, on-disc DLC, over-priced DLC, and most likely a massive increase in trivial DLC, like cosmetic packs.

    But thank God online-passes are gone...
    Good points there i dont mind online passes as well but it sometimes annoys me when i am broke and am forced to borrow games from friends i have to use the workaround solution. Anyways i look at it like this. The orginal buyer bought the game and so he paid for his spot on the server when he sells the game back to the shop his spot is empty so the person who buys the used copy takes over his spot. So the company isnt paying extra or anything when the guy who bought the used copy plays online

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    lets hope other pubs/devs take note like ubisoft and get rid of online passes for good!

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    We need an EA rep on this site so I can +rep them for this.

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