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New GTA V details leaked by Russian magazines

This is a discussion on New GTA V details leaked by Russian magazines within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; On May 23 Rockstar Games and 1C-SoftClub (The official publisher of GTAV in Russia), held a closed presentation of the ...

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    New GTA V details leaked by Russian magazines

    On May 23 Rockstar Games and 1C-SoftClub (The official publisher of GTAV in Russia), held a closed presentation of the Russian version of Grand Theft Auto 5 in Moscow.

    The reporters saw the same demo version of the game that presented in early May, In this 30 minutes of the demo a lot of details leaked, some of them issued before and some of them new. Here's the new details:

    • Sometimes damages (like wounds, Injured by bullet…) will leave marks on the body of the characters forever.
    • In the beginning of the demo we seen Franklin jumping out of a plane with a parachute, While Franklin in the air, you notice a lot of interesting things:

    1. A military base hidden in the hills.
    2. Wild animals prey on each other.
    3. Motocross track and a hunting ground. Also you see tourists walking in the mountains, near the river and a few people go fishing, and more.

    • Some of the problems that associated with the low capacity of some platforms still exist, like the number of cars on the street…
    • For the first time in the series there was background music.
    • The underwater world around Los Santos looks great, it’s probably the most beautiful image of the sea in the games. Colored fish swim among the rocks and Shark swims near you.

    New GTAV details leaked by Russian magazines – Behind Games
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    Apart from the injuries thing I thought we pretty much knew all of this from other sources already?

    Still interesting.

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    still getting it..even if it says it rains skittles..

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    Can't fucking wait, the more I know about this game the more excited I get

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    I'm worried about the background music and the regenerating health (it kinda goes against the GTA formula), but hoping it'll be for the best.
    Sucks to know there won't be a portable music player, Scarface had it and it was awesome, I wish more sandbox games would include it so you don't have to be in a car or in the pause menu to hear the radio stations.
    And to be honest I was expecting the cars on screen thing. In GTA IV you saw like 5 different car models at any given time, and it was funny seeing the same car 4 times in a row on the street but I got used to it though. As long as driving is better I don't mind.

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