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Strange Relationship

This is a discussion on Strange Relationship within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Thanks to everyone who replied. I think I've been to hard on myself, having a hobby is something to be ...

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    Thanks to everyone who replied. I think I've been to hard on myself, having a hobby is something to be proud of and not feel guilty about. I am happy with the time I spend with my family and they are happy for me to have a pastime I enjoy. As El Cid says There is time for everything under the sun.

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    To be honest I just feel exhausted playing games, there aren't many titles keeping me obsessed like before
    I have a job and still game for hours I could even bring my ps3 to work which I sometimes do if it's a super slow day
    But with personal things going on my attention is being more focused on that

    Still enjoy getting my plats but at a slower pace
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    I wont write a long message.

    I am happy you all feel the way i do sometimes, as i knew i wasnt alone. For me personally i am trying to not play as much, as a personal goal i have set for myself. Good luck and remember that gaming isnt a waste of time. Its a suitable hobby just like reading a book or watching a movie. All those things are fine in small amounts, so the thing you have to keep an eye on is tone-ing down the long sessions.

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    This is a great thread!

    Having a family myself, (a wife and daughter), I find myself with not much time as I'd like to game. Don't get me wrong, my family is everything to me, so gaming, although my favorite hobby, isn't my no 1 priority.

    However, my wife and I do recognize the need for personal "me" time. So Wednesdays I usually get the night to myself (after dinner) and go in my home office and game. I also get 1 Saturday a month to myself in the same manner. She gets the same (she's not a gamer herself).

    Also, if my wife goes to sleep early, I'll stay up and game at night.

    Its all about finding a balance.

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