Earlier this week we had reported that Ninja Theory, the developers behind Enslaved, Heavenly Sword and this year’s DMC: Devil May Cry are hiring for their next AAA project. Today they have posted a new video on their website which indicates what that project could be.Additionally, members from popular video game forum NeoGaf have posted screen grabs from the video.
You can check the video as well as screenshots below.

Read more at http://gamingbolt.com/ninja-theory-p...MxlZe8zX5hm.99

As you can see from the screenshots above, the new game definitely does have the typical Ninja Theory color to it. From the looks of it, these seems to be a next generation game for the PS4 and Xbox One.What exactly it is? This is something we don’t know at this point. We will keep you updated once we have more information about this new game.

Read more at http://gamingbolt.com/ninja-theory-p...MxlZe8zX5hm.99
To see the screenshots properly follow the source link as they're too big to fit.

Source: http://gamingbolt.com/ninja-theory-p...ounced-project