hi, i am desperately looking for someone to boost the sofa v sofa (online trophies ) for Buzz Brain Of Oz, i already have 15 wins and after i today will have more but the big thing is that after today person i have been boosting with is going on holiday, i have already tried looking for people on other websites and also looked in the trophy boosting thread for game here but had no luck, so if anyone is willing to help me boost this i would be much appreciated, would also help person in return get theres, if willing to help me then please message me right away as i really want to plat this before servers go offline on the 2nd of August

p.s should also have put Buzz Music in there as i'm in same problem but this time i know none and can't find anyone with it and also with same bces as mine (00784), as it need to be same as the online for it region locked