1. Digimon World (seriously these ps1 games were amazing in quality whether you liked the franchise or not)
2. Warcraft (sentimental reasons, never played WoW, its all about growing up to Warcraft 2 and 3)
3. The Elder Scrolls (never stop coming back to these games)
4. Bioshock (Very powerful stories and great gameplay)
5. Metal Gear Solid (Games are fun but the story is why it ranks up so high honestly)
6. Dragon Age (I feel its stronger as a series then Mass Effect, personal opinion)
7. Souls series (Demon's Souls and Dark Souls are some of my favorite games ever)
8. Sonic (I am one of the few who really like most of the new games with some exceptions)
9. Infamous (A very promising series I am excited to see continue with Second Son)
10. Batman (the new ones especially are such a well crafted series discreditng the final boss of the Asylum game)

I opted to exclude all Nintendo franchises I love for this list cause then it'd be 80% just that.