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Bioshock Infinite DLC - purposely confusing purchase ?

This is a discussion on Bioshock Infinite DLC - purposely confusing purchase ? within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; I don't know if the same shambles regarding purchasing the new Bioshock Infinite "Clash in the Cloud's" DLC is happeneing ...

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    Bioshock Infinite DLC - purposely confusing purchase ?

    I don't know if the same shambles regarding purchasing the new Bioshock Infinite "Clash in the Cloud's" DLC is happeneing at the US PStore, but at the Aus/NZ PStore it reeks of a purposely confusing situation to maximize sales, if not actually paying for the same item twice.

    Firstly, this is Sony's definition of what a Online Pass is, or should I say WAS, since Sony is dropping it for the PS4

    It was brought into being so game developers could recoup some revenue from their games being bought secondhand.

    OK, Bioshock Infinite, as those who own the game will know has no online multiplayer portion to it.
    Yet, to get any DLC for it, you have to purchase a online pass for it first.
    At the AUS/NZ store it's Aus $29.95 or $26.76 for + subscribers

    I was confused about this and checked the fine print of this specific online pass at the Aus/NZ PStore [it's the same content as the UK PStore], then at the Bioshock Infinite website.

    Ok that cleared up a bit of the confusion by explaining that with purchasing the "Online Pass" you were actually purchasing the "Clash in the Clouds" DLC, some additional power-up like bonus content, and basically pre-purchasing the yet to be released DLC "Burial at Sea Ep1" and "Burial at Sea ep2".

    Problem is, Sony are advertising the "Clash in the Clouds" DLC as available separately for Aus $6.50, which is where I found the problem.
    If you click on this ad/link, it takes you to the PStore Bioshock Infinite page, but the download doesn't appear, only the option to download the trailer, full game or Online pass.
    If you read the description with the online pass at the PStore, it says that to avoid paying twice for the same content, you should only download the DLC using the games download option in the main menu.

    I had a look at my active friends list and saw that a friend in the UK had managed to get it and was playing it [He described his frustration at trying to get the DLC]

    1] Apparently, at least for the moment, you HAVE to purchase the so called Season Online Pass to get ANY DLC for Bioshock Infinite.
    [It should be called the Complete Bioshock Infinite DLC Package, as that is actually what it is, it has absolutely nothing to do with a Online Pass as Sony describes in the link above]

    2] At present, you can't purchase the DLC separately, so why Sony have it advertised as being able to is beyond me.

    3] Why Sony and Irrational Games have allowed the situation of the possibility of somebody mistakenly double purchasing, still unreleased DLC, by not making it being able to be bought separately, as released, just like other games DLC, just reeks of a money grab.

    Sony has, by allowing Irrational games to call it's DLC package a Season Online Pass, has inferred that it is necessary to purchase the whole online pass to get the DLC, this will be proven as false.
    The fact is, Sony itself has revealed that the DLC will be able to be bought separately by advertising it as available at the PStore .... when it actually gets put up, who knows.

    I think it stinks that this situation of basically manipulating, or deceiving [depends how you look at it and how on the ball you are I guess] pre paying for unreleased DLC is happening, especially in light of the rapid and ever increasing closures of gaming studios.

    Is this the sort of underhanded sales techniques we can expect with PS4 games?
    I hope not

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    I think you are wrong, content was avalaible on Bioshock hours before it was available for individual purchase. Early in the morning the DLC was available on Biosock Infinite game but wasn't on the store. Later i saw it on store, so I don't get what is the problem.

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    The problem is I don't want to be forcibly coerced into spending $30 for a season pass for all 3 separate DLC's.[Especially since the next two DLC's for this game are set in the previous Bioshock underwater world of RAPTURE]
    I just want to be able to buy the first current one, that is set in Infinite's environment for $6.50, as advertised.

    It shows at the store as available as a individual purchase, this is while using a PS3, but when you go and click on the ad to purchase the DLC it takes you to the Bioshock Infinite page, but the download isn't there, so you can't download it.
    I'm not the only person that this has happened to, a mate in the UK had the same problem, he ended up purchasing the season pass, then, and only then, was he was able to download it.

    I found away around the problem thanks to heads up at a Sony forum.
    For some reason the individual download does not appear if you are accessing the PStore via your PS3 [unless you have already bought the season pass]
    But if you access the PStore via a PC, the individual DLC is available to be purchased separately, it's then added to your download list and you just log on with your PS3 to get it.

    Maybe there is something from the game disc [at least in Aus] that has been loaded onto the PS3 that is only allowing purchase of the season pass.
    The game disc at the main menu has the options Season pass and DLC
    If you try using the option to get the DLC from the game disc main menu it is blanked out, the only option is to get the season pass.

    Once I had downloaded the DLC, the option was now open.

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    I found no problems when I bought it today in the EU Store, both options were visibly available.

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