i wont pretend i know all the little details, so i'll just be brief

i remember back in early 2012 there was this new thing called SOPA. you'd think it was a new brand of soap, but instead it turned out to be possibly the most terrifying copyright law and perhaps one of the biggest violations of the ideals that is "freedom of speech"
basically what it meant was you couldn't post (i think mainly footage and text) about anything that was deemed copyrighted. be it video games, movies or music. anyone caught doing this was charged ( maximum five year jail sentence) and considered a felon

well it's back again and this time with the same regulations and downright unethical proposals.
here's an short article about SOPA 2013
Stop SOPA 2013 Petition (its time to sign!) | Planet Infowars

PLEASE signs as many petitions as you can. help stop this travisty it your right as a human being and as a FREE user of the internet