I wouldn't complain on burnout paradise still being active as it really is a fun game I can honestly only think of like 1 or 2 trophies that are online based and the one is a bitch to get (8 players in the baseball stadium) and there are rumors floating around that you can get that one offline somehow, also I didn't know that burnout crash had a plat let alone online trophies I thought it was just based off your friends list or is that the online requirement if so its not really a loss as that game was annoying and if the trophies aren't patched out for offline play im just gonna delete it off my ps3 and use that for space for something else, anyone play the ps4 version of burnout paradise yet?? is it better with the bugs or did they just slap a new coat of paint on this and give you all the dlc for free this time around???