Awhile back my ps3 started lagging in games and the xmb. Fifa 12 which lagged every few minutes for a few seconds made it unplayable. So i did a system restore and a full format. But it was still the same, so i deleted all the users and did a system restore and full format again. Ok then i just used the default user without synching to my account. I tried Fifa 12 again and it worked fine. Played a few matches just to get the feel of the game again. Then i synched to my account and signed into psn. Loaded Fifa 12 again and it did the same thing as it did before, started lagging again. I tried it offline aswell so its not online lag. I tried all the safe mode options to. So what can it be. Does this mean my account has a virus or what because im out of ideas. Any help would be useful.