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WWE 2K14 Problems On PS3-Help!!

This is a discussion on WWE 2K14 Problems On PS3-Help!! within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Good Night. I bought WWE 2K14 for the Playstation 3 Gaming System this Christmas. My PS3 is a FAT 60 ...

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    WWE 2K14 Problems On PS3-Help!!

    Good Night.

    I bought WWE 2K14 for the Playstation 3 Gaming System this Christmas. My
    PS3 is a FAT 60 GB Model.

    And now the problem itself:

    I know some of the gameīs i will tell where not published by 2K but they
    serve as example. But letīs start describing the problem.

    I Installed the game fine, patch, my pre-order Ultimate Warrior Code,
    Online Pass everything. I fire the game up, go to the menus, superstars
    entrances, but as soon as the actual match starts, like 5 seconds after the
    bell rings, my PS3 just crashes with bliking red lights, it turns on right
    after that though. I had this problem with the last release of THQ of the
    WWE Series, WWE 13, that did the exact same problem. In Fact the last WWE
    game that didnīt gave me problems as WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2011. However
    after some calming down, i changed my PS3 to vertical position, and i found
    out that while it still shuts down with bliking red lights, i can play an
    actual match for like 1-5 minutes, while before i just couldnīt get like 10

    The thing is, this is the only game i play with frequency that gives me
    this problems, your own NBA 2K14 doesnīt give me problems, GTA V doesnīt
    give me problems, FIFA 14, F1 2013, all these games play absoluty fine. At
    this point, i think itīs either overheating, or a problem that the game has
    with FAT PS3.

    Also, i will leave you anexed to this post a picture of where my PS3 is placed,
    and if that may have anything to do with this problem(bad air flow maybe or

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    didn't you post on the caws forum lol, my guess is just the old fat PS3 can't cope with this game for some reason.

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