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trophies not syncing to site

This is a discussion on trophies not syncing to site within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; I am working on gta5...I have psplus so I know my trophies are syncing to server every night but when ...

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    trophies not syncing to site

    I am working on gta5...I have psplus so I know my trophies are syncing to server every night but when I try to update on here it says I have no new trophies to show....the last one on here is 3 weeks ago. Anyone else having this happen?

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    Answered else where....

    Quote Originally Posted by Submerge View Post
    We are currently in the process of working something out with a partner site of ours, that we are looking to get more involved with in terms of handling our user game tracking. Our partnership over the past year has been a very helpful and rewarding experience, and will help us stay more focused on our vision of community and trophy guides. Our partners are some incredibly smart people, and have the expertise to offer our community with the best leaderboards and stat tracking, that maybe some of you use today over at PSN Trophy Leaders | Main Leaderboard

    Since earlier this year you may have noticed that our trophy tracking system had changed for games and no longer requires our users to enter their PSN details to collect the game trophies for new releases. This allowed us to get trophy images and game info extremely early, often weeks before game release. That was in thanks to our partnership, and shows the benefits that come from it.

    Now to break it down on past events, Sony has practically shut down the trophy and game tracking ability for PSN accounts that many PlayStation Trophies sites had been using. We are assuming you need explicit SCEdev access to acquire this data. And for how much we as gamers show our passion and love towards their brand, we should be a little outraged that over the last couple years they have never released a public API to show their appreciation.

    Anyways, I hope everyone is open to the idea that some things will change, but we believe it is the best route of action. And we hope you are welcoming of the change. In the meantime, you can always write a Trophy Guide!

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