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Help needed

This is a discussion on Help needed within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; my main psn account is a sub account, after sony changed the term of service on november i have been ...

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    Help needed

    my main psn account is a sub account, after sony changed the term of service on november i have been unable to sign in unless the associated master account accepts the TOS. the problem is that the master account belonged to a friend who lives in another country, and i created my account on his PS3 before i bought my own. he said that he doesn't remember the account details because he sold his old ps3 and using another account and the sony customer service wont help me unless he calls them. it's been 50 days and he hasn't moved an inch to help resolve this issue because he is too lazy to help.

    so does anyone know how to solve this issue, such as accepting the TOS without the master account as i am now over 18 now, and please dont tell me to start a new account because i have a 1 year ps+ subscription on my account and all my gam saves are in the cloud in addition to that i have 7618 trophies with 109 plats.

    thanks in advance for the help

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    I'd say go to the official Playstation website. They may be able to transfer your account and lend a hand with making it primary as well.
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    As Helyx stated, it might serve you better to go to the official Playstation website, as they might actually be able to do something for you there.

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