Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper and Heavenly Sword, all being made by the same animation studio, of which there is no information available on the internet at all. will these movies be good? will sony provide Heavenly Sword for free with PS+ and give it a Trophy patch (this is a trophy site after all) We've seen it happen with loads of games, MGS4 being the most famous I think.

I don't think the Heavenly Sword movie will do well, considering it's based on a launch game for the (back then not so popular) PS3. the game also hasn't aged that well, but I think sony should get the game a little update with a trophy patch, or even make a sequel or a new PS4 version.

The Sly Cooper movie looks great, but the characters are a little different, is this bad? no, probably not. how will they promote this movie? by making Sly 4 Free with PS+ on Vita and PS3, or even port it to PS4! it's a videogame-movie after all, keeping that in mind this should be just fine!

Ratchet & Clank, here's a CGI movie idea made in Digital Heaven (yes that's a thing). the cutscenes of the Future series look amazing and even a bit Pixar-ish, also keeping in mind the Trailer got almost everything just right (but being slightly childish) I think this will be the best of the bunch!

What do you think, what movies do you want to see? am I right, am I wrong? am I semi-right? I sure hope so.
The PS+ stuff is just what I hope to see and what I think would be the right kind of promotion