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EEDAR's report on DLC buying habits

This is a discussion on EEDAR's report on DLC buying habits within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; EEDAR report: half of HD console owners buying DLC | Joystiq Research firm EEDAR has produced its "Deconstructing Downloadable Content ...

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    EEDAR's report on DLC buying habits

    EEDAR report: half of HD console owners buying DLC | Joystiq

    Research firm EEDAR has produced its "Deconstructing Downloadable Content (DLC) Report" for 2011. The report, now in its third year, reveals that 51 percent of HD console owners have purchased DLC in the last 12 months. EEDAR expects DLC will generate over $875 million in 2011, surpassing $1 billion in 2012 in North America.

    EEDAR figures if publishers can get the 49 percent who have not purchased DLC to convert, the North American games industry could make an extra $600 million dollars. According to the report, the number one reason, at 47 percent, for consumers not purchasing DLC is privacy ... your guess is as good as ours as to what that means. EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich told Joystiq the company plans to break out that question for more detail next year. Reasons two and three -- "no return policy" and "too expensive" -- make far more sense.
    This was a pretty interesting read... Particularly because of the 49% of us who don't buy DLC the #1 reason was Privacy of all things. Of course its obvious that people were allowed to pick multiple answers so maybe this was just a default. Nonetheless, Privacy is the #1 reason. Its also interesting to note that, statistically, the majority of us will buy DLC atleast once in 12 months.

    Although this is also an example of why DLC is so prevalent, with development costs going up and the cost of games effectively fixed to the consume, DLC is a great way to supplement the revenue a game generates.

    Unlike many of you, though, I don't have a strong opinion on DLC, I've never felt compelled to buy it (or jipped when I don't) and when I do I am rarely disappointed.
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    I rarely buy DLC and when I do, it's for games I play all the time and I feel it'll be a great experience, and I honestly don't remember the last time I bought DLC for a game.

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    I'm like Gaus. I harddly ever buy DLC. But the few times I have. I never felt cheated or ripped off.

    On A Side Note:
    Not to be nick-picky. But I often wondered about reports like these. That say X amount of console owners to do this an this. How do they know how many people own a console. Do they just go buy PSN/Gamertags. Because between RROD & YLOD. And they people who never even use their consoles online. How does anyone actually know How many console owners there really are?

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    WOW, I never realised how much money we spend on DLC!!! there are like 100 million xbox and ps3 owners so tha's quite a lot of money for 50 million gamers(50%) to spend on DLC!

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