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What were your biggest losses/letdowns/failures as a trophy hunter?

This is a discussion on What were your biggest losses/letdowns/failures as a trophy hunter? within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; I got around to thinking one day about my failures as a trophy hunter. They say that losses and mistakes ...

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    What were your biggest losses/letdowns/failures as a trophy hunter?

    I got around to thinking one day about my failures as a trophy hunter. They say that losses and mistakes are how we learn in any aspect of our lives. So, I thought it would be interesting to go back to what we wish we had succeeded at as a trophy hunter; the Platinums that got away, the games we were embarrassed by our lack of prowess at, and so on.

    As for me, I have a few that stand out:
    1. Getting Platinum for just 16% of my games with Platinum Trophies.
    2. Numerous 0% games, often Plus freebies or ones I rented via Gamefly and never did anything with after installing trophies.
    3. Having my WWE game Platinum streak end with WWE '13, even though my online rank never reset. Of course, ranks almost never reset when they were as low as mine was.
    4. Having an extremely rare, though not unique, trophy glitch permanently lock me out of Platinum on CSI: Fatal Conspiracy.
    5. Having my PS3 start to break down during the final month of EA Sports MMA's online servers lifespan when I was Belt Rank 69 of a possible 90. With outrageous XP being given out per match and win, my chances were good that I would have an "ultra rare" Platinum in my collection -- until my dying PS3 made the decision for me. With all the hate directed at me simply because I won by submission instead of knockout, I would have loved to rub a Platinum Trophy in their faces. Sadly, I'll always think about what might have been.

    So, I turn this question over to the rest of the forums. What are your deepest losses?

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    lol you know the good thing about games is that you can go back to most of them.... mk sv dc plat took me 5 years!! My biggest let down is DLC, without that forced onto my trophy lists id be above 95% completion. it would be ok if it was worth the ridiculous money they ask for it but its not ie; ps allstars wants $3 for 1 map to get 1 silver trophy. I get over it buy it just annoys! I did have my ps3 fatty break down and I miss the xtra usb ports lol

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    I probably would have platted Brutal Legend but my save got corrupted. Then in Hollywood Squares one of those trophies wont pop for me. It sucks, but what can you do ya know...

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    1. Not checking if im willing to plat a game before I start it. Or at least checked if id enjoy playing the game. MK v DC will forever stay at 2% because I not only is it a time consuming and difficult plat, but I hate the damn game and cant stand playing it.
    2. Not resetting my clock online after getting the YLOD. I was too eager to finish off Darksiders when I got my ps3 back and now the plat has no timestamp.

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