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Assassins Creed Film Coming

This is a discussion on Assassins Creed Film Coming within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; It could be good, albeit that's a very steep road to climb in delivering the "good." I thought the Silent ...

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    It could be good, albeit that's a very steep road to climb in delivering the "good." I thought the Silent Hill movie was an amazingly good representation of the game while still being an extremely entertaining movie, and you know who did the theatrical distribution of that movie? You guessed it, Sony Pictures.

    It could work as long as you capture the essence of what made Assassin's Creed popular, which is the story, the characters, and a thorough enough explanation of The Assassins versus The Templars that doesn't overwhelm or bore you. The difficulty will be in delivering the real world to the animus world in a way that isn't confusing to a movie goer, or takes up 3+ hours of time. It could be done, but it will be extremely hard to pull off.

    I'll wait to see how this develops in the coming months.

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    This could work very well, but I'm very skeptical as to how they'll try to pull it off. Let's keep our fingers crossed, and if they fuck it up, let's hope they don't release a lame videogame adaptation too.

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    They better Live up to the game. I dont want this movie to ruin the game

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlecDawesome View Post
    I want a Heavy Rain movie!
    A TV series would suit Heavy Rain.

    Anywhoo, I can see Jake Gyllenhall all over this.

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