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Valve: Piracy Is A Service issue

This is a discussion on Valve: Piracy Is A Service issue within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; I like his way of thinking. I wish developers would adopt this attitude instead of punishing playing with online passes....

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    I like his way of thinking. I wish developers would adopt this attitude instead of punishing playing with online passes.

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    Atleast you interpretted the material right this time PS360 instead of putting up some stupid argument about how Piracy isn't an issue or arguing it makes no market impact.

    By in large Newell is right though, piracy is a service issue more than it is a price issue (although price and service are correlated), people are more likely to pirate if there are rampant irritants like persistent online connections and such.

    I'd argue though some of his conclusions are incorrect, as DRM is actually the solution. Much like any piece of technology though, the implementation is paramount to its success.

    Something like Steam is what I would call implicit rather than explicit DRM, the service naturally acts as a DRM. Rather than doing so in an explicit manner, its implicit within the nature of Steam because Steam naturally controls all purchases/updates/etc and serves as the common (and only) launchpad.

    Before I'd delve too deep though, I'd also point out that if you read between the lines this is basically a pitch for Steam. Its why I take quite a bit of what Newell is saying here with a grain of salt, because its very clearly an advert for Steam. "Come to us, we've solved piracy, sell on Steam!"

    Steam's had some success in Russia, which was unheard of 10 years ago, mostly because of their localization viewpoint. I wouldn't say they've "solved" piracy though (far from it), just reduced it and come up with a platform that will be successful at reducing piracy.

    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBulletBill View Post
    And if every company delivered a higher quality service...? I'll let you work it out. (Spoiler: It would be a non-issue.)

    Every entertainment provider should learn how to adapt to a free market, not rely on legal garble or "intellectual" property.
    Please don't talk about a free market if you don't understand what it means.

    Nothing about this article has anything to do with a lack of a free market... Free Market is about lack of government legislation and control, not about companies protecting their property.

    On the contrary, if "entertainment providers" really went free market, DRM and anti-piracy would be about the same it is now since most governments have laws on the books stating that you are legally allowed to circumvent DRM and such, you just can't distribute pirated media/tools for money.

    Much like anything political in nature, there has to be a balance between the free and closed markets. Remember, free markets (in implementation) damage innovation.

    By in large the market needs no help in regards to DRM, customers don't like it so naturally less intrusive DRM gets more help from the consumers (Steams success is more than enough proof of this). The system we have now has the appropriate balance, if not leaning a bit too far toward the free-side.
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    i dont think service has got to do anything with the choice of pirating
    the people who do it save alot of money and dont like paying for stuff plain and simple

    there is some pirates who do it to test if the game good enough for purchase but most do it because they dont pay a cent

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    I don't understand what they mean buy not giving piraters a good service?, does this mean they can't play online or they don't get a good customer support or warranties or what?

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