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Resident Evil Chronicles HD Port Announced for the PS3. Will Include Umbrella and Darkside Chronicle

This is a discussion on Resident Evil Chronicles HD Port Announced for the PS3. Will Include Umbrella and Darkside Chronicle within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Yeah i am all for a capcom bash but I wish more companies would release their games for Move. These ...

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    Yeah i am all for a capcom bash but I wish more companies would release their games for Move. These games came out on the Wii because at the time it made the most sense. Now that PS can do motion control it makes no sense to keep them exclusive. I hope Madworld and Trauma Centre (with fixed controls) come to Move as well.


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    Played the Umbrella Chronicles on Wii, not entirely decent...

    It's an 'On-rails shooter', I don't know how you can rate these things.... :/

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    First I am hearing of this, so excuse the necromancy.

    Umbrella Chronicles retold the story of 0,1(remake), and 3. As told in 3 or less 10-15 minutes levels per game. And also included a new scenario for a mission involving Jill and Chris in Russia to end the last piece of Umbrella. They put in this odd connection to 0/1 by a new b.o.w. construct and letting you be Wesker and fighting the badguy of the new mission. There are even Ada and Hunk levels to play.

    As an on the rails go, it is pretty fun. Graphically, it isn't spectacular, and it reuses a lot of the pre-rendered scenery from the older games, including Outbreak File #1. (Weirdly awesome for me as a fan of that game to see them being used) The controls are pretty tight and simple to learn, just get a nyko perfectshot, they even let you move the camera around a bit with the nunchuk. Being able to go back on harder difficulties to search for and earn S rankings to complete the archives was fun.

    Darkside Chronicles was actually a bit loftier in idea. In this one you play through Leon's memories of the events of RE2 and what happened to Claire, RE:CV(X), as he tells them to Krauser on their first mission together. You play through 6-8 levels representing each game, and get a fuller sense and feel of what happened in each story. This includes the overarcing new leon+krauser story.

    The controls are slightly different, as is the upgrade system(DO NOT UPGRADE YOU HANDGUN EVER*), letting you take up to 4 weapons in to a level from the start and being able to switch them out and among your other weapons in the pause menu. You can also store green herbs, instead of automatically using them like in the previous game. Thus making it easier to survive. The camera moves on its own and you cannot control it, thus making headshots even harder than before and the graphics are not much better than the previous game, and also borrow from original games for level layouts, but some have originally created levels such as the final fights against Mr.X. A very different game that focuses more on the long 3 stories that you play through rather than a mishmash of about 4 short ones.

    They both are great if you like rails shooters or want to back fill your RE archive knowledge. Plus see what happened to make Krauser a bad guy. Umbrella has a lot more uniqueness due to them taking artistic freedom with the game storylines to shoehorn them into 3 levels. And has a lot of extra content for replay to earn. (I basically Platinumed it.) Darkside is not so much fun for replaying, but the inclusion of a much longer original story just about makes up for it. Very few things to unlock for the hell of it except story related information and extra costumes.

    *If you upgrade your handgun's damage/stopping power rank, it will soon be able to take out zombies by accident when you go for headshots on your S-rank runs. Thus causing you extreme cases of rage as you cannot undo the upgrades and are stuck with an overpowered handgun and the inability to get enough headshots for S-rank. (the only reason I haven't completed it 100%)

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