hey everyone hows everything going sorry for not contributing much to the forums lately its because I have been really busy making youtube vids for a deus ex human revolution trophy walkthrough I have finished recording the game but im only about halfway through editing & posting the vids.

I will be posting the vids here in the deus ex forum after I have finished making them all but if anyone wants to check out the ones I have already finished now, on youtube look for greatdazetazer under the channels search I am looking for ppl to subscribe to it what I am going to be doing is of course video walkthroughs but also I will be posting my pick for best ingame trailer of the week & cause I have so many games I will also be doing a game review of the week & if youtube will let me I will be posting episodes of one piece, naruto shippuden & bleach & finally when I do get better at video editing im going to try to make anime music videos

So stop by my youtube channel if you like check things out & subscribe if you like what you see & if you want to get a walkthrough in particular made leave the game name in the comments & I will see what I can do till then catch ya later!!!