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PSN Downloads freeze

This is a discussion on PSN Downloads freeze within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Hello, I seem to have encountered a problem with the downloads, a few days ago I left 3-4 Demos downloading, ...

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    PSN Downloads freeze

    Hello, I seem to have encountered a problem with the downloads, a few days ago I left 3-4 Demos downloading, and after a while all of them were completed except one (Pacman DX) which was stuck at 23%. Turning off the console or pausing the download and resuming it didn't work, and the rest of the demos downloaded just fine

    I got Mass Effect 2 earlier today and I redeemed the Cerberus voucher, it's around 600mb but the download freezes at 59mb (8%). I turned off the console but no results, still at 59mb. I cancelled the download and started downloading it again but no results either, again it froze at 59mb. Should I be worried? Or should I wait, download again or do something else? has anyone encountered this issue as well?

    Because the code is $15 and I don't want to pay in case it won't download. Should I ask for feedback on the official PS forums or send Sony an e-mail? I know I should wait but I kinda wanted to play the game today....

    Thanks for any help or advice you might provide, I appreciate it greatly.

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    Does it say pending when it stops because sometimes they take some time to download and also are you playing games while they are downloading because they don't download while you're playing games?

    If nothing else then your best bet is contacting Sony about it.
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    i`ve had this happen, i had to rebuild my database. all u lose is your messages and the folder names you give your games
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    it also makes things load faster and trophies sync faster

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    Also try clearing your cache on the internet even though you may have not opened the internet is still collects in there because of online play and going onto the PSN Store

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