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your least favorite game and why?

This is a discussion on your least favorite game and why? within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Well I have a few 1. Dead Space Ignition - I pretend it never came with my DS2 game, its ...

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    Well I have a few

    1. Dead Space Ignition - I pretend it never came with my DS2 game, its a disgrace to Dead Space.
    2. Alpha Protocol - I played for almost 2 hours, sent it back to Gamefly pissed!!!
    3. Hunted Demon's Forge - Boring Dialogue and even worst gameplay
    4. Alone in the Dark - Played for an hour, I hated the character, story, and the controls.
    5. Killzone 2 - After spending so many hours on the original Killzone for the PS2 this was a letdown

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    There are many I hate...

    -NFS Undercover
    -Tomb Raider: Underworld
    -Assassin's Creed (the original)
    -...Uncharted (original) I was fairly bored going through most of the actual gameplay. I loved the characters and such but there was just something about it. On the other hand I sat down and beat the second one without so much as stopping to eat! >_<
    Personally I LOVED AC2! It was my favorite in the series, and the next person who says otherwise shall meet an untimely demise! *jokes*

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    i have to say Haze. What a let down after all the awesome trailers and hype. the game play was just shocking and the story didnt buzz me at all.

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    For me it's MLB Front Office Manager. Got it as a gift, played a couple times and hated it.

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    Well for me it's Neverdead. Why? Well first of all your character is immortal YET you can still somehow die. (It's only when your head gets sucked up by a certain enemy, but still you die.) Then they give you a partner who isn't immortal and while she fights, her AI seems pretty bad, she doesn't bother to run away from enemies when they are attacking her and she'll run at explosions and kill herself. Every level is essentially go into this room and kill all enemies. Abilities are boring, they are just damage increasing ones (except one) and you have to FIND the exp, you don't get any from enemies. Combat is just completely clunky, there is pause when you switch weapons and fighting with your sword is just horrendous, you have to hold down one of the L buttons to even use it and you attack using... the right analog stick. Oh and enemies don't seem to respond to damage like they should. (No flinching, getting knocked away, etc.) An important aspect of the gameplay is your body breaks apart, but even that is bad, it takes to too long to reconnect yourself and enemies will attack you while you're trying to that and just break apart what you have reconnected. (Or they'll go rape your partner.) Oh and stuff like very small planks of wood can completely break you apart as well. I haven't even gotten past the first level, I got to the part where they introduced enemy spawn points and every enemy went straight for my partner and kept killing her, I would revive her, and a millisecond later she would already need to be revived again. After having that happen 4 times in a row, I just gave up. So yeah, sorry for the long rant, just don't get this game, it's completely awful. The collectibles are called collectibles for crying out loud!

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