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Visceral Melbourne new IP revealed

This is a discussion on Visceral Melbourne new IP revealed within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Video reveals 'Blood Dust,' a canned multiplayer shooter from Visceral Melbourne | Joystiq The use of historical or chronologically irregular ...

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    Visceral Melbourne new IP revealed

    Video reveals 'Blood Dust,' a canned multiplayer shooter from Visceral Melbourne | Joystiq

    The use of historical or chronologically irregular locales in multiplayer games still feels novel, even if your activities tend to fall predictably between stabbing or shooting strangers. Visceral's Melbourne studio, which was shuttered by EA earlier this year, was reportedly working on "Blood Dust," an eccentric multiplayer shooter set in the 1930s.

    According to a report on Kotaku AU -- which we're pairing with leaked game footage above -- Blood Dust was to be a class-based "run and gun experience" for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Visceral and other EA studios had been working on the game for three years, furnishing it with upgradeable weapons and special abilities spread amongst three factions (including gentlemen and gangly monsters). And we just love Ye Olde Hulke Hogan at 0:17 in the video!

    Another rumor suggests that Blood Dust was initially envisioned as a multiplayer add-on to "The Ripper," Visceral's rumored reinterpretation of England's infamous yet unidentified serial killer, Jack the Ripper. That project supposedly remains alive as a single-player game, left behind in the 19th century (when Jack did his nasty business).

    Kotaku AU writes that the project's cancellation was handled with enough consideration for its creators -- a source claims departing staff were "well taken care of and treated respectfully," and offered positions at other EA locations.
    This is the new IP EA was working on that was, unfortunately, canned due to the closing of the Melbourne studio.

    It sucks because this looks like it could have been a really original game considering this was working footage.
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    Yeah, being an Aussie I was upset to hear of Visceral's Melbourne branch closing down a while back. One of quite a few decent Aussie developers that have shut down in the last year or so. We've lost some great talent, and it's a sad state of affairs, to be sure.
    To be honest, the footage didn't look all too original to me, another third-person shooter judging by looks alone, but hey, Visceral have made a fantastic clone of a game in an original setting with Dante's Inferno, and I thoroughly enjoyed that.
    I think the development industry in Australia is pretty much dead at the moment. If Team Bondi wasn't safe, who the fuck would be?

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