Oh right Im going to help u with episode 1 Im only going to help you with tougher trophies starting with World's Best Dad I bet many like me were try figure out how to get that trophies or achievement. So heres exact words you use 1 mother is " overracting"
2 to "buck up" 3 tell her maybe 4 nobody won 5 fail spanish more than 4 times 6 dont be stupid. Next one is call Life Finds a Way to get trophies u can just press load just before u die but lets say your to late you die all you need to do is just press quit game and you will reset before on ps3. this reloading helps if your try gey perfect with all episode. Sorry I can't help you guys out more Im type on my ps3. I wasn't one who figure out how to get World's Best Dad. but rest all me I be happy help u with other episode but Im not going get trophies for you. If u need help please send message to me user or send to my ps3 ID angei3.