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The Playstation 4- and its irrelevance

This is a discussion on The Playstation 4- and its irrelevance within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; this thread has been made too prematurely try again mid 2012...

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    this thread has been made too prematurely
    try again mid 2012
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    i'm still waiting to see what the draw for the PS4 will be.

    for the PS1, it was CD-based games. The PS2 brought us DVD-based games, then BluRay-based games with the PS3.
    They even have the ability for 3D for the PS3 (not that i am interested in that in any way).

    I can't figure out why i would want to upgrade yet without any real stats about it, since there is no obvious tradeup in game media type.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaRe_xLw View Post
    I, for one, encourage the release of the PS4. As soon as it comes out, in another 3 years or so a slim and cheaper version of the PS4 will be released. I plan on getting that instead of the original PS4. Not only because I can't afford it, but because I know Sony will release a better version of it and I can catch up on PS3 games while I wait for it. I did the same thing with my PS2.
    how could the PS4 improve on the PS3? it just seems unecessary given that PS3 has a lot to offer

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    I'll abandon my ps3 for the ps4, the same as when I bought my ps3. But I don't expect a ps4 till 2013... 2014 the latest.

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    I dont care about that at all. I bought ps2 2 years later the same goes with my ps3 which I bought in july 2009. ps3 seems perfect to me right now I cant imaging any improvement ps4 will offer more than what ps3 can offer.
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    I really don't see the big deal. This console generations is easily the longest we've ever seen.

    I personally am ready for a new console generation. Even if it were to come out in holiday 2012, it probably won't even be worth picking up until 2013-2014.

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    ]You didnīt know that Sony are sending malware to mess up your PS3 so that you will buy a PS4?
    Nah, sony isn't like that. You're confusing it with microsoft, allthough they're way sneakier... They just stop selling controllers for the old one, release zero games for it AND actually remove old controllers from stores so if people want to play xbox they'd just have to get the new one unless you can make your own controllers... (that's how I lost use of my xbox 1, and vowed to NEVER buy anything xbox ever again)

    On ps 4, it'll be a long time till it's out. 2016 or so I guess, and even when it'll come out it'll be too expensive... The ps 2 cost 1200 euros when it first came out here, the PS 3 first cost like 2500 euros at first. after 6-12 months it went down to 300. So wouldn't get one till 2017 or so lol.

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