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FPS with huge emphasis on single player

This is a discussion on FPS with huge emphasis on single player within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; You could try Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It's FPS in playstyle but a few RPG elements and stealth you can ...

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    You could try Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It's FPS in playstyle but a few RPG elements and stealth you can go through it in different ways aswell, lethal, non-lethal, stealthy or shooting everything

    There's are lots of side-missions and you can simply explore the world and can do all the hacking safes, puzzle solving and other stuff. The game itself is also beautiful, with a great story, lots of different game choices and a great soundtrack

    Mass Effect 2 is also great but 3rd person. However the game is HUGE and has lots of side missions and a personal must buy

    Mirrors Edge is interesting but again not really FPS but beautiful landscape, good soundtrack and different play style with the free running across the city and comic style videos in between each level

    And if you have played Portal why not Portal 2, FZPS in the sense that you are first person and shoot stuff but it's pretty linear but still a GREAT game

    Crysis 1 is currently on PSN, it looks great and is skol singleplayer, not much exploring in terms of side missions but the world is huge in game and graphically stunning.
    The same for Crysis 2 but a lot less free roam multiplayers ok bur I doubt you care

    Finally I'll just emphasise with everyone else that Killzone 2 and 3 are great games but very linear and once done offer little replay value no paise missions or different ways of playing the game

    Just my suggestions on your predicament

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    As far as exploration goes in FPS genre you probably already played the big ones, it's not so much about the size of the environment, but the freedom the game gives you in dictating the pace.

    COD for example is always pushing you forward, in MW3 I can't think of a moment were I was given a chance to just look around, you can but it feels silly since everyone is yelling about something exciting, not a bad thing if you are into cinematic style.

    Bioshock might not have been huge like Fallout 3 but you were given the freedom to approach situations at your own pace, I'll list the games I know of.

    FPS with free pacing

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    Cpt-Redding's suggestion of Deus Ex: HR is definitely good, think of it as somewhere between Bioshock and Mass Effect

    Crysis (download only) & Crysis 2
    Crysis games are not as tied down as Killzone or COD, they are still linear but you have a lot of space to approach engagements however you want.

    FPS games with strict pacing

    Killzone 2 & Killzone 3
    Very linear but enjoyable in bursts, worth playing just to see the art and design that went into them, nice and meaty combat too.

    Super Extreme Fatality Linear, you cannot open any doors for yourself, you have to wait forever for the two idiots that accompany you to stop blabbing and open the doors.

    It looks nice though and I liked the guns, worth a look if you see it cheap, just remember its very short (like 4-5 hours).

    Very linear in terms of level design, but the combat is very open to experimentation. Just watch a review to see the cool kill system, rewards you for groin shots and other 'trick' shots and allows you to link them together in different ways, very fun game.

    Not sure of

    The demo is really, really fun. No idea what the full game is like but I intend to pick this up eventually.

    Stay Away From!

    Duke Nukem Forever

    The PS3 demo is horrible its just my opinion but I really think this is a terribly designed FPS game in terms of gameplay, it is no fan service to the epic game from the 90's.

    Just my opinion so feel free to download the demo and see for yourself, I feel this review kinda says it all though.

    I do know some people who enjoyed it, but I really think play it before purchasing it.

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