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Nintendo, EA, and Sony Electronics Drop SOPA Support, But not really

This is a discussion on Nintendo, EA, and Sony Electronics Drop SOPA Support, But not really within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Originally Posted by Minarum Wow, your intelligence level hit the all time low. Since when did a paid service become ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minarum View Post

    Wow, your intelligence level hit the all time low. Since when did a paid service become a "right"? Learn something about this world before commenting...
    since june

    U.N. Report Declares Internet Access a Human Right | Threat Level |

    While blocking and filtering measures deny users access to specific content on the Internet, states have also taken measures to cut off access to the Internet entirely. The Special Rapporteur considers cutting off users from internet access, regardless of the justification provided, including on the grounds of violating intellectual property rights law, to be disproportionate and thus a violation of article 19, paragraph 3, of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

    The Special Rapporteur calls upon all states to ensure that Internet access is maintained at all times, including during times of political unrest. In particular, the Special Rapporteur urges States to repeal or amend existing intellectual copyright laws which permit users to be disconnected from Internet access, and to refrain from adopting such laws.
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    Do you live in a European country? If so, then I can see why you'd want to believe that. And the "report" is about not denying people the access to the internet. This is the same "right" everyone has, it's not a Human right. The US doesn't declare it a human right, and it shouldn't. A paid for service is not a human right, but everyone is allowed access to it unless you've been bad . Either way, I rest my case with you supporting what I've said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaRe_xLw View Post
    Pfft, SOPA will die out eventually. Just watch
    Very insightful as always, DaRe.

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    Regardless of whether or not this bill has a chance to pass i think we should still try to protest it ... i mean shit they passed the patriot act and how much of piece of shit is that ... we should never take lightly what is important to us ... but by attacking like anon does is straight up terrorism and should not be tolerated ... as far as i remember we still have the right to petition and assemble ...
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    Wow epic thread here.

    Rubicant81 and Gauss, some great responses that really highlight how little some of the gaming community actually understand about what's going on here.

    Ps360, I can understand your concern regarding this bill. It is a concern that they would think of gaining censorship of our internet access. We saw a similar thing attempted in Australia last year with the "Great Big Internet Filter", and it seems to have died in the arse.

    However, what Anonymous are doing is probably the least intelligent thing I have seen for a while. They plan to attack organisations that support this bill, giving these organisations even more reason to pursue this action, and provide further ammo to the argument that Anon. are in fact against. Stupidity incarnate honestly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctor_Doom View Post
    That's why Doom should run the world. Emperor Doom 2012!
    i'm in. i offer my services in case you need any skulls "massaged"

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    Quote Originally Posted by nullzero00 View Post
    i'm in. i offer my services in case you need any skulls "massaged"
    As soon as Doom rules the world you shall become my Secretary of Defense.

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    Two things:

    1) That report is a clarification of a regulation that has been on the books since well before June.

    2) If you read the full report it actually says the human right is ACCESS to the internet, not the internet itself nor the content. Yes, it actually has a very clear line drawn as to when a state's intervention becomes a violation of human rights... And that is when the state suspends ACCESS.

    I think perhaps that is what you are confusing, and most of the internet in general is confusing, SOPA isn't trying to cut people off from the internet... Its trying to censor it. Thats something completely different entirely, in both principle and the interpretation of it as a human right. While I am no SOPA supporter, its critical this distinction is made because there will never be an interpretation of any human rights law that deems a truly open internet (such that it super-cedes all IP/Criminal/etc laws) a HUMAN RIGHT. That is beyond bat-shit crazy.

    You will be happy to know though the White House has spoken out in regards to the topic of Internet Censorship. This is why most people believe SOPA, regardless of the House's decision, won't be made a law.

    The White House has made their position clear, and (in my opinion) it is the correct viewpoint. The internet is and should be considered an extension of the basic human rights we all get in the first place, and censorship of the internet is tantamount to a breech of the 1st Amendment:

    Quote Originally Posted by Hilary Clinton
    We stand for a single internet where all of humanity has equal access to knowledge and ideas. And we recognize that the world’s information infrastructure will become what we and others make of it. Now, this challenge may be new, but our responsibility to help ensure the free exchange of ideas goes back to the birth of our republic. The words of the First Amendment to our Constitution are carved in 50 tons of Tennessee marble on the front of this building. And every generation of Americans has worked to protect the values etched in that stone.
    Yes, thats right, for all the flowery prose and words in that speech the crux of Clinton's position, as well as the White House, as it pertains to SOPA (there are about 4 topics being addressed in that speech) is that internet freedom should fall under the same guidelines as the 1st Amendment. This has been the White House's viewpoint for awhile now, and it was re-iterated recently in regards to SOPA specifically.

    I want to say again that the White House's viewpoint on this topic is by far the most reasonable. The internet should not be censored, but that doesn't permit cyber criminals (hackers, copyright violators, etc) from being held accountable for their crimes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hilary Clinton
    Now, all societies recognize that free expression has its limits. We do not tolerate those who incite others to violence, such as the agents of al-Qaida who are, at this moment, using the internet to promote the mass murder of innocent people across the world. And hate speech that targets individuals on the basis of their race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation is reprehensible. It is an unfortunate fact that these issues are both growing challenges that the international community must confront together. And we must also grapple with the issue of anonymous speech. Those who use the internet to recruit terrorists or distribute stolen intellectual property cannot divorce their online actions from their real world identities. But these challenges must not become an excuse for governments to systematically violate the rights and privacy of those who use the internet for peaceful political purposes.
    See? Clear, Elegant, Intelligent, and Logical...

    This is why I am not terribly worried about SOPA. It should be stopped, it should be protested, everything in our capacity to do in a civil manner should be done... Even if it passes the protesting should continue.

    I am not worried about it passing though. The man with the power to veto the existence of SOPA has made his position clear, and that position is against internet censorship.
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    This SOPA shit isn't even gonna fly.

    It's just like the 2012 doomsday belief.

    The only reason it has any legs whatsoever is because of public paranoia fueling it.
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