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Proudest Accomplishments/Trophies For your age?

This is a discussion on Proudest Accomplishments/Trophies For your age? within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; mine would be ranked in the top 500 of kill confirmed for the fist 2 weeks of mw3 not much ...

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    mine would be ranked in the top 500 of kill confirmed for the fist 2 weeks of mw3 not much but i had to play like 6-7 hours a day to keep it there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walle View Post

    My point is sure an eight year old kid can plat wipeout, but that would be bloody impressive since at the age of eight your brain ain't fully developed, which results in it's harder to play games, especially hard ones. But I guess around 15-17 it stops and it's equally impressive if you platnium something at the age of 17 or the age of 45

    The thing with this topic is that it's obvious Kerwan was proud of his platniums and proud of getting them at an younger age than most people that have them, that's my theory why he made the topic. It's more common for people of an older age to trophy hunt. The challenge is the same for all ages ofc, it's just more uncommon for people of an younger age. It's more uncommon for young people to trophy hunt because you need discipline to trophy hunt or something like that.
    This is exactly my point. I'm not going on about what old you have to be to plat a game, my aim is to discuss how proud you'd be of your achievements at the age of which you've earned 'em.

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    [Age undisclosed]

    I'm proud to have:
    • Aced all LBP and LBP2 levels with both platted
    • Beat God of War's Challenge of the Gods
    • Gotten all Red Rings in Sonic Generations and all S ranks
    • Gotten all of the medals (challenges and campaigns) for Batman and Robin in Arkham City (including all DLC I have), and platinumed it
    • Completed all of Portal 2's co-op campaign by myself with two controllers
    • Playing a full level of Sonic 06

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    Age means nothing. All it takes to earn trophies is time and patience.

    Frankly, I'm not proud to have any trophies, all they are are pixels on a screen that I can boast about to make my internet pen0r look bigger.

    My proudest gaming accomplishment was beating the Maneaters without help on my first try in Demon's Souls. Was an epic fight.

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    I'm not trying to insult anyone here, but really, what's so impressive about a teenager having a lot of trophies? I assume that most trophy hunters are significantly younger than I am (36).

    You kids have grown up in a world with computers and video games all around you. The Playstation came out 17 years ago, meaning that most teenagers have never lived in a world without it. Beyond that, kids typically have more time to play games, they have better hand eye coordination, or at least faster reflexes.

    Isn't just as impressive that someone say in their 40s would have a platinum in Rock Band 2 or 3? I taught my dad, who was well into his 70s at this point, to use a computer and play Tiger Woods to a pretty decent proficiency. They didn't even have TV when he was born.

    Now when I was a teenager, I will admit I was pretty proud of the fact that I knocked out Mike Tyson and beat the first two Zelda games. But back in those days video games were still mostly played by people my age. We just never really stopped playing once we started, hence why video games are now played by people of almost any age.

    What I'm trying to say here is that there are gaming advantages and disadvantages regardless of age. Kids have to deal with school and parents, while adults have to deal with work and you kids.

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    i wouldn't say age has much to do with it, how many cocky little shits have you come across on Modern Warfare lol, and back when i was young i used to be able to pull of great gaming feats, then when you go back and try it these days you end up sucking at it lol.

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    Okay, ya'll can say what you want. but it's a fact that the standards of people that are under the age of 15 is lower than the standards of older people.
    I mean if you would send a thirteen year old in demon souls, he would probably die and die and die.
    while a seventeen year old could also die and die, but more likely he would eventually find a way out.

    I'm just speaking from my perspective here. I would say, the games aren't harder when you're younger, but it's harder to game efficiently and more skilled when your younger.

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