Gabe Newell is inspirational in the gaming media; he doesn’t care about money (as much as some may think), rather offering a solid service and quality titles to consumers. Valve’s co-founder has once again delivered an inspirational statement as means of delivering advice to aspiring developers.

Speaking to Develop, Newell first stated that one shouldn’t focus on anyone apart from the consumers alone. Furthermore, he advises developers to be fair to their consumers as the studio’s potential reputation will ‘follow you forever’:
Do not focus on anyone but your customers. Your reputation will follow you forever so always be fair to your customers, and certainly one thing you need to always remember is that your customers are not going to be fooled.
Newell continues to talk about how some (presumably developers) believe they can get away with something and subsequently hope no one sees through the, in Gabe’s words, ‘bullshit’:

Some people think they can get away with something and just hope people won’t see through the bullshit. The internet is way smarter than any of us.
Finally, the Valve founder ends with a helpful piece of advice leaning towards the financial elements for developers:

In terms of business, do not take out huge advances to fund projects, because they are only loans and have strings attached.
Although Gabe Newell’s personal motives aren’t spurred by money, he’s worth a reported $2 billion + which is sure to rise with Steam’s continued success.

Valve recently revealed the numbers churned out during the recently concluded Steam Holiday Sale. Needless to say, they’re pretty impressive.

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