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Your take on online trophies?

This is a discussion on Your take on online trophies? within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; I've put in a bit of thought about online trophies. There are times when they don't bother me and then ...

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    Your take on online trophies?

    I've put in a bit of thought about online trophies. There are times when they don't bother me and then other times they do. The main reason that online trophies bother me isn't that they can be a grind (*play for X number of hours* or *get X number of kills*) but that there are some games where getting an online trophy isn't realistic. Games such as NFS:Shift 2 or Sniper:Ghost Warrior rarely has anybody on it. Not only that, but certain games only allow you to get online trophies in a specified time, such as NFS:Undercover and possibly MLB 2012 (depending on how they do their weekly challenges once the new game comes out). This makes trying to plat the game, if you get it later, impossible. Also, some of those trophies are purely luck based. Also, while some games still continue to have people play them, getting to those online achievements can be just as tough as the day it came out *looking at you Killzone 2*. IMO, I don't think that online trophies should be part of a trophy list. Online trophies make boosting occasionally necessary and can take away from the online gameplay. I think they should be able to be gotten by playing co-op but not necessary to get by only playing online (like MW2's and MW3's Spec Ops missions/survival modes). What are your thoughts?

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    I think the online trophies should stay, but, I don't think they should count towards earning the You could have for instance, 80% with the plat, if you want to 100% it, do the online. Have online trophies act like DLC trophies.

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    There should always be a offline split screen or co-op mode as an optional way of getting online trophies.

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    Online trophies can fuck off as far as I'm concerned. They should be classed as DLC trophies and should not count towards a completion as stevencrowson says. They greatly hinder people who are interested in gaining a few platinums and yet either have a shitty connection [like me] or don't bother that much with online play. Games like Uncharted 2 and Batman Arkham City have the right idea where there are trophies in game, and a seperate section for the online/dlc ones and don't count towards your total unless you have that specific package.
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    this is a very old thread topic, get over it online trophies will always exist and if you have a way to convince the powers that be im all ears. until then thread closed and topic needs to be dead and buried.
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