So I'm currently playing God of War I and I'm doing a speed run to get the last trophy and I've noticed something that this game has that not many other games have and thats the intensity of foreshadowing and the scenery (one in particular). The scenery that I'm talking about is when you're at the Athens battle grounds and in the distance you see Ares fighting an army of some sort and whenever you unlock the gate to the desert area and you come back to the battle grounds, he moves to another area altogether and I just wanted to see who else, in their playing of the game, thought this was just awesome?
And as for the foreshadowing, whenever you're in the room right after the multi-converyor belt/rolling wheels of doom and before the room that holds Pandora's Box, on the ground is a painting and if you click R2 to view it, it says "It is an image of a man battling Zeus himself. It is an image of the future...". Well having played God of War II I would say that the developers of this game sure developed this game with such a small yet lasting impact as to what lay ahead in the God of War series (God of Wars II and III). I dk I just thought I would see if anyone else thought these two things were awesome and if anyone had any further comments on the games of anything