Basically what PS3 Platinum Title that holds closer to your heart then any other Platinum Title?

I've came up with this thread based on AC:R Multiplayer Title System which you can name your Assassin Avatar as when

competing with other players: Master Templar, The Runner, Elite Templar, Etc.

Since most of has has at least 1-2 Platinum ( or those who doesn't you can still post your favorite Gold Trophy Title), it

would easy to spot what P.T.T. (Platinum Trophy Title) you name yourself as & maybe a little inside info. as to the Title,

Enjoy :-)

Note: Also if you decide to change your title feel free to post your new one and a little info.

PSN: SeabeeGR
PTT: Platinuminary

Info - Have been a Sega Genesis Gamer since the good old days and I seem to own most of my games that were made by Sega Corporation like: Bayonetta & Sonic The Hedgehog Series ( Guess I can't let go of the past)