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Id Software Lays off people , Ruins Doom 4 by consolizing it.

This is a discussion on Id Software Lays off people , Ruins Doom 4 by consolizing it. within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Originally Posted by Ps360 Rage even focused on the Consoles, and it ended fucking terribly thanks to the massive amount ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ps360 View Post
    Rage even focused on the Consoles, and it ended fucking terribly thanks to the massive amount of bugs and glitches
    Rage was buggy and glitchy because the engine was poorly designed, you should actually hold companies accountable for their work rather than relegating it to "oh they released on consoles, ergo its crap"

    Particularly stuff when you talk about DNF, whose garbage-ness had nothing to do with consoles, and DE:IW, whose garbage-ness was because the story of that game was dumbed down as was every RPG element.

    People like you are so easily lead I find it funny when you claim not to be a sheep. You have the exact same mindset a PS3 fanboy does, you're just existing in opposition to it (like a Democrat becoming a Democrat just because he didn't like GW Bush).

    I mean everytime something happens that you don't like its because of consoles, you refuse to acknowledge any of the legit shortcomings that exist in PC gaming.

    You take things to an irrational extreme, something is either not a problem or its the ONLY DRIVING FORCE BEHIND EVERYTHING WRONG! The real world isn't that simple.

    Particularly when you say things like you did here:

    Quote Originally Posted by Ps360 View Post
    developers need to learn to deal with it and make it right. no one had pc problems till console took dominance over development
    This is just not right, pc development has always had its issues and quirks... They just change overtime as the landscape of gaming changes.

    Not to mention you are inherently implying that PC is the only appropriate gaming platform for anything, once again going back to your extremist point above about anything thats "focused" on consoles being crap.

    You want some truth? Some actual truth? Since we are talking about BF3...

    You want to know what made that game good for the PS3, 360, and PC? Because DICE put real thought into it. It was a well designed and well executed game and that had NOTHING to do with its lead platform, regardless of which one it was and at what point in time it became that.

    Particularly when you consider developing for the 360 vs. PC is not really different. If your PC is windows based, they actually share a common runtime environment (or can) in the game. Why do you think things like the XNA exist? Why are things like .NET gaining such popularity? Because from a foundational perspective it removes all hardware dependence.

    And thats what good engineers do when designing software like this.

    We are actually getting to a point in time, rapidly I might add, where this whole concept of PC vs. Console is becoming more than a little stupid when it comes to development. Consoles are quickly becoming PCs built to a fixed spec.

    Stuff like CoD isn't ruined by consoles, stuff like CoD is ruined because its rushed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ant1th3s1s View Post
    Me too brother Cocoa. I played almost nothing else but Guild Wars for 3.5 years, sunk over 3,500 hours into that game and still haven't seen everything it has to offer (some PvP and end-game dungeons...I've got my Legendary Cartographer title).

    You buying GW2?
    Have not decided yet but due to real-life commitments, as I grow older into the middle 20's, I find less time to devote to MMoRPG's. Guild Wars was the one and only MMoRPG that I had devoted much time to, and it was fun while it lasted. So I may just be playing on the PS3 for the time being, and watching videos of GW2 as they come. =3
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ps360 View Post
    ruins Doom 4 by consolizing it
    Wouldn't be like you to make snap judgements without any evidence to back it up now, would it?
    Bit of a harsh statement considering we haven't even seen any gameplay vids. I'm not saying that Doom 4 is going to be fantastic, either. There's just no proof either way at this point.
    Also... I refer back to a post in a different thread about FPS's. Play Timesplitters 2. Best FPS ever, console exclusive.

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