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My 100th Platinum Trophy & Video

This is a discussion on My 100th Platinum Trophy & Video within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Originally Posted by parkerdip I don't know why people always do that. He's made a new topic because he has ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by parkerdip View Post
    I don't know why people always do that. He's made a new topic because he has uniquely earned his 100th platinum and wants to show it off by posting a video of it which would get overlooked on them posts in a day.
    you having 56 posts i assume your relativley new, if you were here on the old site people were making new threads up for everything they do which 1 clutters up the sub forum, 2 makes the site look terrible and unorganized and 3 creates more data/traffic on the site which the owners have a set benchmark with their host and if you got over it it creates problems and more money.

    when i was admin of my gaming clan site we used over 200% all the time due to this and the site was always having problems..... 'official' threads are there for a reason

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    Congrats SAS_Smithy_1986 for you're 100th plat!!!

    Are you going for more plats? Which game was you're favorite?
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    Congratz on getting all of your games 100%.. I wasn't sure why you were not a member in PPS until I saw this

    Quote Originally Posted by Roswellian View Post
    I'm afraid its only your 98th as you can take socom and fuel off as you didn't EARN them

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