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The game introduces a new level

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    The game introduces a new level

    Watch Fast and Furious 6 Online As mentioned in our previous article, anyone attached to a master Xbox Live Gold account in the family plan will be able to access games from any Xbox One console. Used games will be administered and available through Microsoft-approved retailer locations. You will not be able to trade games on eBay, mom and pop outlets or Amazon anymore. Kinect is always-on and cannot be shut off if you want to use certain game or system features. The system requires Kinect in order to function properly but an "Xbox Off" voice command will pause Kinect. You can play offline for up to 24 hours, afterward the system must be logged online in order to function and allow you access to your content. The trailer, spotted by Blues, brings into focus the human aspect of the story, the drama, the emotion...ah, who am I kidding? This was a parody on all those other big summer blockbuster trailers that try to focus on the serious aspects of the story but are basically there to say “There's gonna be a lot of big explosions, there's gonna be a ton of bullets and there's going to be a lot of T&A from the credits to the credits.” I still don't know about Saints Row 4, though. I was completely unimpressed with the dumbed-down fighting system in Saints Row: The Third and while the character graphics were better there were fewer customization options, though what options they did have were pretty slick. The fewer vehicles, fewer vehicle customization options and an almost barren city where you could hardly find any populated areas with AI made The Third feel less like a sandbox and more like a parody of a sandbox. All the mini-games removed compared to Saints Row 2 was also disappointing.

    Watch The Hangover Part 3 Online Much like the PS4, digital downloads will be available day and date with physical copies of game releases. Good news, folks: Monster Hunter Online will be heading into the first phase of closed beta testing and they are sending out information regarding invites during E3 next week. It's not that it has anything to do with E3, it's just that Tencent decided the best time to start initial invitation and unleashing info should start next week...during E3. Okay. Activation code, machine configuration, game content and testing schedules for "Monster Hunter Online" – the first test information has gathered more and more players attention. Next week we will fully disclose information on this test, and this week, on some issues we are going to make a range of explanations. Today's screenshot was posted on Edge's Facebook page. Witcher 3 will be the cover story of their newest issue. Issue 255 also includes previews on Planets Vs. Zombies 2 and Call of Duty: Ghosts, as well as a run-down on Xbox One.Remember the really cool Shaundi voiced by Eliza Dushku from Saints Row 2? Well, she's coming back in Saints Row 4. Remember all the drama from Saints Row and Saints Row 2? Well that's coming back as well. Remember Keith David from the first two games? Well he's coming back, too. Of course, there's also plenty of serious nudity coming back like it was out of style.

    Watch After Earth Online That “range of explanations” includes new information on the bosses players will face off against as well as some of the gameplay mechanics that players will be able to manipulate throughout the play experience. The site details a few of the attributes and traits associated with some of the more well known monsters that roam the land, as well as offering up brand new screenshots of the game in the process. They also discuss how the game aims to veer away from the traditional MMO grind in order to appeal to gamers in the same way that the console-based games do. Tencent really know show to build anticipation, eh? A mutated elk seems pretty tame compared to some of the beasts Geralt has fought. A previous set of screenshots showed him fighting a giant. However, the elk is an impressive-looking beast all the same. Witcher 3 will mark the debut of a new graphics engine, REDengine 3. Sharper visuals are one of the promised features of this technology, along with realistic animation and advanced lighting techniques. Witcher 3 is in development for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game introduces a new level of open-world exploration to the series, with players able to freely roam the game and find optional quests. CD Projekt promises over 100 hours' worth of quests.

    Watch Star Trek into Darkness Online Gamers the world around have been highly excited about Capcom, Crytek and Tencent's MMO. While it was mentioned that an international release was inbound a lot of gamers have been curious to know “when”? While any official dates haven't been set in stone, at least we're getting closer to an actual CBT, right? Since Tencent will be testing in native China before anywhere else, you can expect localization to start after the game has been finalized in its native release region. This means that you probably won't be seeing a North American release in open beta until, maybe, next year. But it all depends on the demand for the game and how quickly the team finishes up the core design.Blood Bowl 2 has been in development for a year, publisher Focus Home Interactive announced today. They've released the first teaser trailer for the medieval fantasy football game.

    Watch Fast and Furious 6 Online BB2, like its predecessor, is a cross between Warhammer and American football. Teams of orcs, dwarves and other fantasy characters will face off on the gridiron. They can beat their opponent by scoring touchdowns, or by killing all of them. Players will level up as they gain experience, but can be permanently slain in games. Jim Johnson the Vampire and Bob Bifford the Ogre will once again provide commentary during each match. They'll also interview players during campaign mode in their Cabalvision studio. The trailer above provides a formal introduction to these two characters.

    Watch Iron Man 3 Online The press release says that Blood Bowl 2 will be out in the second half of 2013. No platforms were mentioned. The original game was released on PC originally, with Xbox 360, PSP and DS versions following closely behind. Opting not to repeat what happened during the big Xbox One reveal two weeks ago on May 21st, Microsoft has canceled one-on-one interviews with executives at this year's E3. Many of the details about policies and DRM will be a no-go and one of the only ways to find out about said policies is from the representatives who take to the stage during the Xbox conference.

    Gameranx has been keeping up to date on all things juicy in the unfolding drama surrounding the Xbox One, and they caught wind of tweets from the big dog gaming media players, all vouching toward the veracity of Microsoft canceling one-on-one interviews at E3. On the “professional gaming journalists” boards across the interwebs, confirmations about cancellations have been ringing out loud and clear. This follows on yesterday's head-scratching maneuver that saw Microsoft high-tailing their executives out of roundtable discussions for the Xbox One at this year's E3.

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