The PlayStation 4 is getting two enhancements to its social profile when the system arrives later this year. If you’ve ever lamented the absence of party chat or have hit your friends list cap, there’s some good news.

In a new PlayStation Access video produced by Sony’s European team, the company answers ten new questions from fans. Not only will the PlayStation 4 offer party chat, but Sony has confirmed that it, free-to-play games, and media services like Netflix will not be behind the PlayStation Plus paywall.

As was quietly revealed at E3,
multiplayer gaming will now be subscription based, just like on Xbox Live. Additionally, both Microsoft and Sony are upping the friend list size in the next generation. Sony’s video confirms 2,000 friends, while Microsoft offers up 1,000 comrades on the Xbox One.

I doubt I will ever fill up my friend's list now so it is great to know that I will never run out of room

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