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PlayStation 4 Doesn't Need Preorder Bundles to Outsell Xbox One

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    PlayStation 4 Doesn't Need Preorder Bundles to Outsell Xbox One

    The PS4 is not concerned with the Xbox One's pre-order bundle specials because they feel their product is good enough that people will buy it on their own.

    "Platform holders and publishers run pre-order campaigns, and if you need to increase momentum then they dial it up a little bit with some promotional stuff, it's a rational thing to do. But do we need to do that? No," SCEE President Jim Ryan said to MCV concerning Microsoft's European FIFA 2014 Xbox One bundle.

    PlayStation 4 already has over a million pre-orders sold, and is currently marketing a GTA5/PS3 bundle, but nothing so far for the PS4.
    "We have learnt a lot of lessons from last time around. There were a number of things we did on PS3 that we would not knowingly repeat. We sat and reflected and soul searched a lot. And we decided early on that we wanted to be single-minded in our pursuit of the gamer with PS4," said Ryan. "From the start, people have had a clear idea of what PS4 stands for and they can either take it or leave it, and it seems like lots of people want to take it. There's no ambiguity. There's no confusion. And it has helped us gain momentum ahead of launch."

    One area Sony has improved is their online play. Since Xbox Live, Microsoft has dominated all facets of online gaming.

    "The quality of online experience is becoming increasingly important. We feel we've learned a lot in that area, because we were frankly poor in the beginning. And now we have come a long way in catching up and we are going to make a further step-change come PS4 launch," Ryan explained.
    This looks to be a very successful year for Sony.
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    I'm honestly not surprised, especially since Microsoft kind of botched the XBox One hype earlier this year while Sony continued to give up great news and information about the PS4.

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    Still would have liked to see bundles with different color schemes depending on the game included, regardless if there was a price difference.

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    The only place the 360 is outselling the PS3 is America if I recall correctly, so it would make sense for Microsoft to give the Europeans some extra love to try and get their console sold over there. Who knows if it will actually work though.

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