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NBA 2K14 Vs NBA Live 14 - Which looks better?

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    NBA 2K14 Vs NBA Live 14 - Which looks better?

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    Honestly, NBA 2K14 looks better. NBA Live 14 primarily focused on the dribbling and player tendencies on the players, and looking at Steve Nash (Favorite Player), Kobe Bryant, and Danny Green. The tendencies were spot on correct. The problem I had with the trailer though was people like Carmelo Anthony hesitating to shoot a three, when has he ever hesitated. He's one of the best at-will shooters in the world they needed to show him shoot the ball with more confidence like they did in the NBA 2K14 trailer. Derrick Rose's unnecessary gather up to the left before dunking did not look fluid, looked like it may have been a forced cgi dunk scene or something. EA could be showcasing how he was hesitant to go left on that surgically repaired knee, but I won't give them too much credit since D. Rose is 110% now. One last thing , Tim Duncan's shot was nice and spot on, but his opponent was Blake Griffen. Don't y'all think it would of showcased the response to AI better if Duncan dominated their lack of interior defense with his post moves, similar to what Memphis did to LAC last year? All in all, NBA 2K14 looks better, I can't find anything wrong with it. However, as a PG/SG, I'll be picking Live. The player tendencies and dribbling is what I stand for, plus it does help that I'm a diehard fan of them!

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    I want to say Live looks better, but it just doesn't, I think 2k14 looks a lot better. I will end up trying both though, because I have always liked Live better than 2k .

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    I always was a Live guy, even when 2K's looks better... for me fun was my goal and do simulation sports.... that's not fun... so will be Live for me

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    Honestly, I will buy NBA Live 14 before NBA 2K14. I'm sure the latter is the better game, but I grew up playing the Live series and only started playing the 2K series once Live was postponed. Either way, I'll own both eventually.

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    Personally, they both look good in there own different ways. By the time I get next gen consoles, NBA 2K15 and NBA Live 15 will be out, so until then I have to settle for NBA 2K14 current gen. 2K looks more superior so far next gen, but i'm sure EA will improve more in future releases.

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