Watch Bad Grandpa Online I doubt we'll see Nintendo's latest trailer pop up on TV anytime soon but, for parents who actually put in a little research time before hitting the stores for holiday shopping, here's hoping that they'll at least stumble upon the following video before making a buying decision. This trailer hits all of the key points, letting parents know that the 2DS can play regular DS games as well as 3DS games, only forfeiting the ability to play in 3D. That's an important fact for folks who want their kid to feel “in the loop” when it comes to gaming, but worry that the 3DS' eye trickery might be bad for their youngsters.

Watch Carrie Online The trailer also makes it clear that the 2DS has all of the same functionality of the 3DS, can play nice with a 3DS online, and doesn't fold in on itself. This kind of info is obvious to those of us that spend our days swimming in the warm waters of gamedom, but it can be very confusing to those who typically watch (or straight up ignore the ocean) from the shore. Kudos on Nintendo for trying to clear things up.

Watch The Conjuring Online Another retailer has come forward to confirm that the PlayStation 4 is outpacing the Xbox One in pre-order sales by a considerable margin. How considerable? Try a margin of two-to-one. The news is likely to cause a lot of fanboys to huff and puff and fill out their butthurt forms, but the numbers don't lie. Now Gamers caught wind of the news from Console Deals, where the online retailer noted that they have the PlayStation 4 accounting for more than 25% of sales and the Xbox One barely equating to 12%. According to the site owner of the UK-based e-tailer, Phil Jones, a lot of the sales disparity comes from the fact that the PlayStation 4 is cheaper and feature-rich, where-as the Xbox One is more expensive and trailing behind in the game, with Jones stating...

Watch Gravity Online The overall power and performance between the two consoles is very similar, and with a smaller range of unique IPs available on Xbox One, and an inflated price compared to its competitor, we are seeing gamers leaning towards the PS4.While some fanboys will argue until their guts shrivel up into thin sacks of flappy skin, the reality is that the launch line-up of the PlayStation 4 just looks far more promising. While the Xbox One has some AAA exclusives like Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse and Dead Rising 3 as part of their launch line-up, the cold, hard truth of the matter is that a lot of gamers just aren't interested in force-fed Hollywood blockbuster bull-crap anymore.

Watch Insidious Chapter 2 Online Forza Motorsport 5 really isn't anything new, and perhaps if Forza 4 had recently released gamers (including myself) could have been more excited for the fifth outing in the titular racing series. That's not to mention that cars previously available as part of the package in the older Forza games are relegated to DLC, instantly making the purchase feel less special or necessary.

Watch Prisoners Online Ryse has so many problems that it's not even worth getting into, other than to say that after being downgraded from 1080p to 900p, having people call it boring and having tons of hoopla surrounding its QTE-ness (and for those of who don't have a loving relationship with the English language, that doesn't mean “cuteness”) it's hard to think that too many people are still excited for the game.

Watch Insidious 2 Online The only game that didn't have a parade of controversy surrounding it is Dead Rising 3, but it also doesn't have a parade of excitement surrounding it either. Couple lackluster AAA titles with a ton of negative press for the Xbox One and it's easy to see why a lot of people just wouldn't be inclined to pre-order the the set-top box masquerading as an interactive home entertainment device.

Watch The Counselor Online A little while back, I stated that Nintendo's launch of the 2DS would be downright confusing for many parents. I still stand by that statement, but I have to also give credit where credit is due. While not every questions concerning the 2DS is addressed here, the Big N has released a new trailer for their latest portable console that fills folks in on what, exactly, their new system can offer young gamers.

Considering a scene I witnessed at my local Target this week, I can't help but wonder how many youngsters are going to wake up Christmas morning to find the wrong console tucked under their Christmas tree. That's an issue as old as home consoles themselves but, still, publishers could put a little more effort into naming and marketing their products to help avoid some of the confusion. An average parent might not understand that an Xbox One is a more recent console than an Xbox 360, for instance. Or, as is the focus of Nintendo's latest trailer, it's not even remotely obvious that a 2DS is almost the exact same console as a 3DS. At target, I listened as a confused parent tried to find out if their child's regular DS would play 3DS games. The clerk was less than helpful, stating that they were pretty sure the DS could play “some” 3DS games, so I politely stepped in and set the record straight.