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Naughty Dog Strikes Down Space Game for PlayStation 4 + No Plans For The PS Vita

This is a discussion on Naughty Dog Strikes Down Space Game for PlayStation 4 + No Plans For The PS Vita within the General PS4 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Naughty Dog comments on Savage Starlight game, has ‚€œno plans‚€Ě for PS Vita at present | VG247 Remember that time ...

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    Naughty Dog Strikes Down Space Game for PlayStation 4 + No Plans For The PS Vita

    Remember that time when you all thought that ND were likely going to make a game set in space which was related to the comic "Savage Starlight" you could read in The Last of Us? Well, turns out that ND's new game won't be set in space in case any of you were still wondering (ND first shot down the claim on a Twitter "tweet").

    "Visiting SpaceX... and no we're not making a game that takes place in space! We just got invited because we're cool!" - Christophe Balestra, President of Naughty Dog

    During a Q&A with ND, someone asked whether Nathan Drake, the main character from the Uncharted series, would star in a future game to which ND cryptically responded, "If only the Starlight wasn't so savage...". This seems to be another of the reasons why ND may have been making a space game.

    ND also responded when asked a bit about their next project that, "We will continue to make the games that we want to play. For now that is character based, narrative driven, games. This focus could change in the future."

    Finally, ND concluded when asked about the PS Vita in relation to the PS4 that ND has "no plans to develop on Vita at this moment". Funny seeing as the PS Vita was supposed to be the ultimate second-screen for the next generation of consoles and one of Sony's first-party devs aren't working on supporting it at this time.
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    Does this mean we'll finally see ND's super-secret dinosaur game?

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    They also said, while finishing Uncharted 3, that there wasn't nor was there any plans for a Uncharted for Vita. Naughty Dog didn't make it, but they lied about its very existence.
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