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NBA 2K14 Trophy List for PS4

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    NBA 2K14 Trophy List for PS4

    All Your Trophies Are Belong To Me
    Earn every trophy in NBA 2K14.

    Deal Me In
    Purchase a Card Pack in MyTEAM.

    Seek and Destroy
    Win a game in Domination mode in MyTEAM.

    99 Problems and Domination Ain't One!
    Earn 99 Stars in Domination mode in MyTEAM.

    Top of the World
    Make it to the first seed in Road to the Playoffs in MyTEAM.

    Iced Out
    Acquire a Diamond Player in MyTEAM.

    Collect 'Em All
    Complete the '13-'14 NBA Collection in MyTEAM.

    There's More?
    Complete the Historic Collection in MyTEAM.

    Fresh Meat
    Upgrade your MyGM to Level 1.

    Emerging Force
    Upgrade your MyGM to Level 35.

    Straight Up Mogul
    Upgrade your MyGM to Level 70.

    My Entrepreneur
    Purchase an NBA Franchise in MyGM.

    Make It Rain
    Make a profit of $35M in a single season in MyGM.

    All That and a Bag of Chips
    Make a profit in the same season you win an NBA title in MyGM.

    Fan Favorite
    Get 100% Fan Interest in MyGM.

    You Are Getting Very Sleepy
    Use a Persuasive Pitch during a conversation in MyGM.

    Total Sell Out
    Sell out all 41 home games in a season in MyGM.

    Keepin' It Real
    Win a title with the Lakers without paying luxury tax in MyGM.

    It's All About Marketability
    Acquire a player with 5-star Marketability in MyGM.

    Mess Around and See What Happens
    Record a triple-double with any player in a non-simulated game.

    The Power of Three
    Make 15 three-pointers with any team in a non-simulated game.

    Motor Like No Other
    Get 10 offensive rebounds in a non-simulated game.

    Buzzer Beater
    Make a game-winning shot with no time left on the clock.

    Making Coach Proud
    Hit 3 three-pointers off a fast-break in a non-simulated game.

    Circus Shot
    Make a shot from beyond the half-court line in any game.

    What's Your Point?
    Use Points of Emphasis to set your strategy during a time-out.

    Make The Right Call
    Call a play using the 2K Smart Play feature.

    That's Why He's the King
    Shoot 93% in a game with LeBron James (minimum 14 FG attempts).

    Melo Out
    Make 19 field goals in a game with Carmelo Anthony.

    How May I Assist You?
    Get 21 assists in a game with Chris Paul.

    Stealing the Show
    Score 25 points and get 6 steals in one game with Derrick Rose.

    Paul Position
    Score 37 points and make 9 three-pointers in a game with Paul George.

    Human Torched
    Score 22 points in one quarter with Stephen Curry.

    Serving Notice
    Get 500,000 fans in MyCAREER.

    Man of the People
    Get 5,000,000 fans in MyCAREER.

    Makin' the Big Bucks
    Sign an endorsement deal worth 5,000 VC or more in MyCAREER.

    I've Had It
    Demand a trade in MyCAREER.

    Roll the Dice
    Agree to an investment deal in MyCAREER.

    My Every Day Player
    Become a starter in the NBA in MyCAREER.

    My All-Star
    Be named an NBA All-Star in MyCAREER.

    Sick Game, Bro
    Score 30 points when playing sick in MyCAREER.

    Quiet the Haters
    Disprove a legend who calls you out on Social Media in MyCAREER.

    I Smell Team Spirit
    Get your teammates to invite you out on the town in MyCAREER.

    Learning From the Best
    Get LeBron James to give you his Signature Skill in MyCAREER.

    Face of the Brand
    Beat out Jackson Ellis for an endorsement deal in MyCAREER.

    Streak Buster
    End an opposing team's win streak of 3 or more games in the Park.

    Class is Dismissed
    Get at least 7 points, 3 assists, and 5 rebounds in a Blacktop game.

    Not One, Not Two, Not Three...Okay, Just One
    Win a championship in an online league.

    Now You're Ready
    Complete all Training Camp lessons.

    It's All About the Shoes
    Create a shoe in the Shoe Creator.

    All The SpriteŽ Moves
    Win the SpriteŽ Slam Dunk Contest.
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    Is it just me or is Sport Games the Hardest type of game to get trophies in

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