Sony showed off some of the new ways you'll be connecting with existing friends and meeting new ones. The PlayStation 4's front page when you boot up the console is the new "What's New" feed. This is similar to what's featured on the PlayStation 3, except fleshed out with your recent activities and those of your friends.

As you play online, you'll start populating the "Players Met" tab of the social area. You can also check out your friends, their tropies, and even their friends. You might also find an invitation from a friend asking you to share your real name.

You'll have the option to approve or decline that, so you'll only be sharing your name with people you know. You never need to give anyone your real name if you don't want to.

Speed is the most noticeable improvement with the PS4 OS. Whether you’re checking out a video, loading the browser, or opening up a party chat, the system loads each function almost instantaneously. Games, on the other hand, are expectedly slower to load given the large file sizes. The home button on the DualShock 4 not only provides a shortcut back to the dashboard, but can also be used for multitasking, moving swiftly between your two most recent apps. Whether you’re playing a game and want to refer to a guide on IGN from the integrated browser, just double tap the home button and it will bring you back and forth between the app and your game.

Trophy hounds will be pleased to discover that Sony has created an additional metric for satisfying and brandishing their completionist urges. In addition to the bronze, silver, gold, and platinum-calibur ranks, each trophy will be dynamically assigned a rarity level, which is determined by how many users have acquired it — ranging from common, rare, very rare, and ultra rare. For example, if a platinum trophy for a certain title has only been acquired by a small fraction of the total userbase, it will be designated as ultra rare.

PlayStation 4's Interface and Features Revealed