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Watch_dogs is 1080p/60FPS on PS4

This is a discussion on Watch_dogs is 1080p/60FPS on PS4 within the General PS4 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Originally Posted by Larrydavidsavatar Of course, if the game plays like a blind, one-legged, drunk Tiger, then it doesn't matter ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larrydavidsavatar View Post
    Of course, if the game plays like a blind, one-legged, drunk Tiger, then it doesn't matter if it looks as good as God's High Def abs, it'll still be a broken game.
    Agreed. The gameplay, story and characters have to be good for the game to be good regardless of graphics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Encorporeus View Post
    The difference between 60 fps and 30 fps is only noticeable depending on the game. You will barely see the difference on games like Mario, LIMBO and Tetris, if you could even notice it. On fast-paced games the difference is very noticeable. Personally I don't really care too much. As long as the game is playable without lag then I'm happy. Being able to actually play a game comes first.
    Mario and Tetris already run at a locked 60 fps.

    Tetris and Mario are high intense shit and need 60fps.

    And Kaizo Mario is a staple in hardcore video gaming. Nintendo even does a bunch of hardcore levels themselves (CHAMPIONS ROAD)

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