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GTA V - PS4 vs PS3 Comparison

This is a discussion on GTA V - PS4 vs PS3 Comparison within the General PS4 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Originally Posted by Dreakon I guessing your knowledge that it "could have easily been in the PS3 version" is coming ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreakon View Post
    I guessing your knowledge that it "could have easily been in the PS3 version" is coming from your years of experience in game development... and specifically developing this game?

    Which probably means you have some insider knowledge answering your own question of "where's the fucking difference". Which means you didn't even have to waste your time on a PS3 trophy site asking questions about a remastered game that isn't even out yet, and haven't seen anything more than 45 seconds of cinematics.

    Another mystery solved!
    My point is, the visual differences will be very minimal.

    Good job on being a total dick about it, though.

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    My only issue is that GTA V doesn't have much that makes me want to go back to it... I wanted to grab platinum on that game, but the GTAO didn't have enough going on to make me want to hit level 100.
    The storyline and single player were enjoyable, and the characters were very likeable. As far as all of that goes, it is my favourite GTA game to date. But it just doesn't justify me spending another seventy dollars or so for a HD remake, which is essentially all this is.
    With a game like The Last Of Us, I can justify it. I play that game all the time even with having a platinum. They've added new content throughout the past year that makes me HAVE to go back, so I can bring that 68% back up to 100%.

    I think I'll wait a while before even considering grabbing it on PS4. Maybe by the time that it's released I'll want a playthrough of it again. Right now, my GTA V just collects dust.

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