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Thoughts on "Masamune" PS4 Firmware v2.0?

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    Thoughts on "Masamune" PS4 Firmware v2.0?

    PlayStation 4 Masamune Firmware 2.0 Update Breakdown With Players You May Know
    Sony Hints PS4 Firmware 2.0 Release Date, Why Still No DLNA/Video Player, More Features Yet To Be Announced

    Sony is releasing the official v2.0 of the OS within a few weeks which will include a ton of minor and fairly large updates. This includes:

    USB Music Player - Basically you can playback pretty much any files you own (.mp3, .mp4, m4A, 3GP) on your personal USB so you don't need to use Music Unlimited or whatever.

    Change background themes - You'll be able to change the blue theme that is on the PS4 to 7 different ones (Gold, blue, red, green, purple, pink and grey). What would be awesome is if we could add our own custom ones.

    Random friend suggestor: Basically they're adding this thing into PSN where it may suggest friends of your friends, displayed in the "What's New?" section of the OS.

    Live Broadcast Enhancements - From "Live from PlayStation", you can see official broadcasts from PS, friends you've added, and game channels. You'll also be able to filter them to specifically broadcast certain things like games.

    Content Area - The main home area of the PS OS will be expanded, whereby it will now list up to 15 different apps you've recently used (including games), and the PS4 library will be easier to browse through with different sections alphabetically ordered.

    Enhanced PS Camera commands - Improvements to the voice control with new commands similar to XBox One. Something like "PlayStation, do xx" including improvements for broadcasting.

    "Add-to-Library" - Adds games that aren't downloaded, but stuff you own, to your library.

    YouTube Support - Support to share recorded footage to your youtube channel.

    Share Play - Being able to take over your friend's game over the PSN and play it for them.

    Unfortunately, still no DLNA support (but it's coming) which is something I've used quite a bit on my PS3. Also no Suspend/Resume yet.
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    Heres what I think about it.

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