Are you one of the losers who decided to delete PT off your PS4 when you were done with it, only to figure out you can't ever touch it ever again because of Konami fuckery?

Well Fuck konami as there's a way to re-download PT on your PS4 and regain your console street cred, and it involves using a computer on the same LAN Network as PS4.

The text tutorial and files you need are here:

Cara Jitu Re-download P.T. (Silent Hills) Tanpa Repot | GAMEXEON

this only works if you live in the US or EU (tho there are reports it works on Asian accts too) and have gotten PT before it was taken off.

Do this, Throw it onto a usb or external, and keep it somewhere save for preservation.

or sell your ps4 on ebay for a few thousand, no one aint gonna stop you.